Saturday, 10 March 2007

this is not a picture of molly, our new walking buddie - but it sure looks like her! molly is actaully our neighbour and she loves to come along on walks with us in the evenings... in fact, she loves to go on walks with everyone / anyone (we saw her today jumping happily around another neighbour who was walking his little fluffy dog... we saw the same dog owner again after 10 min, still walking fluffy and molly was no where to be seen... and as we passed the local park, we found her socialising with the kiddies and the parents who were watching a kiddies' cricket match! she was full on doing the scene, criss-crossing the crowd, getting padded along the way - i guess is her way her saying hello)... molly lives on the street below us and she wears a red bone tag with "Molly" on it. one can never mistaken her in the neighbourhood as she wears the same smile everyday!

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