Wednesday, 7 March 2007

chilli encounter with blue bottles

i had my first encounter with a blue bottle today. the pain it imparted on my body parts was v similar to chilli burns during cooking (like the episode i had with chopping a small red chilli and then after bring my fingers in close proximity to my eyes - that was not present!) blue bottle stings are not present either. my encounter started off with me trying to flick off their tenticles (the more u pick... the more they disintegrate)... then came the slow surface burn, followed by the deep seated pain in my left leg upper thigh (toxin reaching the lymph node i wa told)... the dull pain was like intense period pain but in the wrong position... the brning pain got more intense but i distracted it by continuing my surfing lesson (on that later)... the sting stayed with me till now - nearly 12 hours later (though v slighly). that is why a wet suit is essential! i am actually wondering whether there are footlets or non slip gloves to compliment the wetsuit gear... then i'll be fully covered...
a note on surfing - so much fun! too bad about the board carrying (which took up nearly 1/4 of my surf lesson!i nearly pass out due to exhaustion from lugging it)

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