Wednesday, 25 April 2007

herbie hancock at the state theater

i knew for a while the great jazz musician was coming to australia. i've only been exposed to 'gershwin's world' and therefore did not think much of it, until i saw him on the 7:30 report with kerry o'brien... then i realise, if i don't see it, i may never get the chance to see it again - live! so i got a tix at the dress circle A aisle and on the left, thirty odd seat, and got a best view of the hand-acrobatics!

the other blokes in the band were amazing as well, there was Lionel Loueke (guitar) was born in Benin on the west coast of Africa, lives in New York and playsaround the world. his solo guitar & voice n beats number was beyond creative. there were elements of african beats laced with aboriginal undertones. Nathan East (bass) has an amazingly soulful voice - at the end they did do a rendition of stevie wonder's, "I Just Called to Say I Love You". Vincent Colaiuto (drums) has quite beefy arms - from all the hard hitting - emotionally charged with (blood - may be not), sweat and tears.

they started off with a tranquill piece then moved straight onto some funky beats and watermelon man. the highlight of the show (i reckon) was herbie's solo towards the end - a quiet / impressionist / debussy like piece (i wish i know the name, but with my limited knowledge of his discography, i'll have to do much further googling and listening)... he had the best control in volume and tempo ( not just in the fast funky pieces but also in this one)! he was able to transfer me from a highly energized, to a meditative / tranquil state in a moment of time - that experience cannot be found (fully) on a CD and i am so glad that my thrifty ways did not get in the way of me going!
and the variations on the intros!!! jaw droppingly complex (yes... if memory serves me right... i think it was "Chameleon" at the end)... and the chord progessions - so different! but as a whole all came together and belonged to each other...
so now apart from expenses from my new found hobbies - surfing and scootering - i'll have to add herbie and co on the list (yes i remember!... starbucks & "possibilities" - i did hear that being plugged no less than 3 times during the amazing show)

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

the royal easter (animals) show

the rides were there and people were flocking to the showbags pavillion, but the star(s) of the show for me were the animals!
these goats have the fluffiest, sofetest wool!! so curly and yet so soft! i saw them in the easter show. and they are sooo cute!

and there were cows! and they are not white with black patches - they are actully 'pink' with black patches. their pink bits are so translucent! their microcirculation shinning through their delicate skin. they are sooo cute and good at their job - they can produce 4000+ L of milk every year each!