Thursday, 1 March 2007

i love cheese

i love cheese! be it stringy buffalo mozzarella, smelly stilton, less smelly gooey blue brie (love abit of mould for flavour), or good old chedder - i cannot live without cheese! (but then again if i have to choose between cheese and rice - i'll go for rice)
anyway... i have been eating chedder at our new place and have been cutting 'blocks' off with my all purpose 'double-men' cook's knife, sometimes with my 365 butter knife... these implements were sturdy, though it is impossible to achieve a slice thinner than 4mm.
my favourite DYOD (do ur own dinner) dish is chedder on rice melted in microwave with snippets of fresh watercress and sea salt and pepper and abit of raw sugar... (also good with frozen peas instead of watercress) but thick blocks of chedder just keeps lumping together... finally i invested $2 in a wire cheese slicer from 'hot dollar' - which was quite stupid (in its looks and usage)... then came "sweden's furniture meccas" to the rescue (see above)... a $6 st st cheese slicer... i've gotta say, highly recommended, money well spent and why have i not found it earlier?!?! it beats a cheese knife / board (ie - though it's good looking, GJ cheese knife and board which sets you back 200 bucks or more)... i know my new little gadget is not just for slicing thin 1- 1.5mm slices but it can also pick up with its 2 horns and cut a piece of melting camembert on its side...

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