Monday, 12 March 2007

mcCartney for target... stella or trash?

... and the verdict? i've got to say, by the time i got to tar-jay there were only size 16 samples of some of her offerings... the key pieces i thought were worth their pennies - skinny jeans, teffeta coat, long wool pants... the teffetas were no where to be seen... but the skinny jeans were "cheap" - the material comparable to v cheap street market demin quality (colourfasr, fluffy surface - so not impressed)... the quality of the silk used on the camisoles reflected the prices - v coarse, thick fabric... but with those diminuitive prices and a huge spotty-font stella tags, who is going to notice the tiny target signs? i have to say the wool pants are good buys - although they don't have lining, the feel of the wool is fine - perhaps merino... i would have liked to see the teffeta and have a feel of the cashmere-wool blend jumpers... sorry i cannot give a verdict on those as they were no where to be seen... all in all i have saved myself a couple of hundred dollars! (by arriving late)... with the last experience with H&M, more stock should be on the way and the less popular pieces will be discounted (hold out if u r size 16! and if u r less than 8 - be glad that u r saving a bucket on fads)...

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