Friday, 16 March 2007

not so stella for target (update)

okay... this is the continuation of my commentary on the mccartney merchandise. i got a closer look (more extensive scrutiny) on the products on offer thu morning... the range of clothing available is quite diverse (as posted on the aussie target site) - although i could mostly spot size 12 and above... that's no problem... i was there to evaluate the quality of the products so to gauge the viability of queuing up at Broadway come april 5th (as the new tarjay promises to offer customers the full range of stella)... and the verdict again - i need not bother...
firstly, my praises for the woollen pants have been OTT... upon closer inspection, though the fabric was very fine - it was definitely not very refined! my G2000 woollen pants would out last stella's in terms of fur-ball formation for sure... the last thing you want is to find little balls of wool rolling off your buttocks - not a good site...
i got to see the teffeta coats as well - and "flimsy" was the 1st impression... not to mention the poor (course and uneven) stitching! the type of material is inferior to what would find in valley girl!!! OVERALL, the quality of the fabrics here really put mccartney down a notch (i hope her real stella mccartney creations would not be so skimpy on quality of materials)... the acceptable ones from this collection could be counted on 1 hand - the cashmere blend short coat (fur-balls might be a problem), the shear cotton shirts (you have to be quite tall to wear this nicely)... and... sorry, that's it!
good luck to the ebay sellers - i could still see M size teffeta coats in target stores and i won't be buying one!
THE REAL BARGAIN however could also be found in tarjay stores - they are currently doing summer clothes sell out for women, men & kids for $3.68 a piece! and i got 2 swimmer friendly cotton boob-tube dresses for under $8 for both! (they originally were selling for $39.95 each) - good fabric, good stitching, good design and they come in size 8! - this is what i call a real bargain!

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