Friday, 3 July 2009

final zinc plate prints & bargain frames

I had my last printmaking class for the term... quite sad... cos' there would be nothing to do the next 4 monday nights...
I loved the class, cos it had been fun and I could get "in the zone" and concentrate on things like "burnishing the plate with essential oils" which was very meditative! (much easier focus my concenttration this way than listening to my meditation tapes etc etc)
... so i already put my name down for next term!
here are the finished products (zinc plate etching... the "finals" after numerous proofs previously)

"mandarin duck pair" - kindly inked, a la poupee, by karen

"midnight possum" - in a shade of velvety deep green (kindly mixed by our teacher)

"midnight possum" - in black purple (also mixed by our teacher)

on a diff note, i made a visit to this curious shop, full of beautiful papers, cards and the like the other day...

and I found some real bargains!
photo frames - glass & clip ones, made in italy

(nothing like the flimsy ones @ ikea... each clip actaully sits in a striaght trench at the back of the frame and is slided into position... the good thing is there is also an add on one can buy, a support stand, that can turn it from a walll hanging glass frame to a desktop picture frame... v cool)

and v cool prices too - small frame $1.50, large frame $2.00, desktop supprt add on $0.50
as the man said in the shop as I was paying, "cheaper than the $2 shop!"
i concur!

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