Sunday, 13 July 2008

zac posen bargains at target

after the usual sunday laps and yoga class, i got to westfield very early... the usual shops are not open, but target was...
and at the far far corner of target - bargains galore!
i actaully hovered around until early 11am... digging out things, trying things on...
and why on earth did i spend so much time there? designers for target - zac posen items were reduced... at first i thought the final price was on the tag - around $69.95 mark down form $179.99 - "not bad" i already thought... then i made use of the self scanning price check... hang on - $38.88?!?! really? for the tops and for the dresses too! gotta be a mistake... and i scanned the rest of my interested items... they were all reduced to $38.88 - they were cheaper than some target limited edition items or even hot options items!
i ended up buying 6 items totalling $929.94! (that is b4 discount)... i handed over $233.28...
a net saving of $696.66! that's 75% off...

pompeii print drape gregian dress... i wasn't going to buy this but changed my mind after the $38.88 price tag... RRP $179.99
black cowl dress - it is cotton, not luxurious silk, but looked nice... RRP $139.99
gregian top paired with crinkled skirt...
RRP $119.99+$129.99
i really love this 50s brocaed dress - seen here the back of the dress
RRP $179.99
and the must buy... fuscia gregian dress with drape... good for one of snowflake's many wedding events... and it is shiny silk/ cotton

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