Sunday, 13 July 2008

bargains at home - homemade chicken nuggets

i never (usually) buy processed food during our groceries shopping trips... 1)it tastes horrible 2)it contains too much artificial favouring / preservatives 3)it costs several times the price of the homemade equivalent
one of my favourite convenience food at home is chicken nuggets... like the batch i just made last night... 2 kg+ of chicken breast ($20) + packet of crackers (less than $2) + some cornflakes (less than $1)
first i crushed the cornflakes and crackers in a big freezer bag to make crumbs... during which the sliced up chicken breast meat was marinating in oilve oil and lemon juice and abit of smoked paprika (to tenderize the meat, i could use buttermilk too, but it cost more and i don't have any ready to use at home)
the crumbs were mixed with salt, dried sage... then baked in the oven at 220 degrees celcius until golden brown...
when the crumbs were cooled, the breast pieces were crumbed and put on a plate lined with baking paper... multiple layers were stacked on top of each other for easy storage in the freezer...
after an overnight stay in the freezer, the frozen pieces of nuggets could be broken up and stored in the freezer bag for future times of hunger - 10-15min in 200 degrees - yummy golden nuggets, best served with sweet chilli sauce with sour cream!

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