Sunday, 20 April 2008

holiday full of pain

it was supposed to be 2 weeks of relaxation and absence of pressure... it ended up being a period of pain- severe physical pain (similar to that of child birth) as a result of...
1) fierce dog bite resulting in swollen hand and oozing pus and subsequent multiple injections
2) multiple bruises after heavy massage theraphy and cupping
3) a really painful big juicy ulcer with a diametre of 1cm with accompanying (also really painful) enlarged lymph node under the chin
many of the days were spent convalescing and hiding away at home, far from the queer eyes of passer-bys...

aubergine in colour, no joke!

pushing cup resulting in surface redness (not unlike the result of "scraping sand")... pushing cup was extremely painful - like giving birth!

these are not just bruises, they are raised bruises!
the previous plans of swimming laps and loosing some bulk at the love handles were abandoned... in the mist of crowds (at CWB) and the high humidity, the suspicious looking bruises were hidden under pieces of clothing wrapped around the arm and long loose hair...
was the pain all worth it though (yes, cupping, massagign tendons and pushing cup)? yes and no... the whole body appear to be more flexible now, but the troubling shoulder areas are still very stiff and quite uncomfortable...
i was told the extreme colour of the bruises corresponded to the severity of the condition... the question is whether i have enough of me left to face the pain of further treatment, accupuncture perhaps?

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