Wednesday, 31 October 2007

life on the patch

the "nursery" is looking well... some of these have been transferred to the nodig garden patches... survival rate has been less than expected though (due to the post rain hot weather last week)...

savoy cabbages are hard to grow! and loved by catepillars!!! they have been holding big feasts in the hearts of cabbages until thery were interrupted today by my fingers (squishing them into oblivion) and my "white oil" (choking them to death)...

the lower patch broccolis are doing pretty good and the 1st sign of food!

the potatoes are hardy! they are growing wild (the foilage)... one only hopes that the tubers below would be prolific as well... what a bonus to have lovely flowers as well

little tomatoes are popping up... when will they brighten up the place with their red hue?

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