Sunday, 24 January 2010

taking our time Olafur Eliasson's Take Your Time at MCA

things cooled off today... we didn't let the rain dampen our weekend... instead we headed to town to enjoy a "show of light"...

all the good memories from the serpentine & tate came rushing back as soon as i caught a glimpse of the giant "disco ball' with external scattering light and internal splitting images...

we spent alot of time in the "yellow room", thinking that we had total color blindness (being monochromats), seeing things only in black and "white"... we were in a 1920s movie!

sadly there were numerous camera nazis around and very few kodak moments could've had...

best was left till last when we spent mintues and hours building our knife, fork, bowl, champas glass, tea pot and mug on the white lego table...
unlimited fun for senses for $15pp - bargain!
- ‘360° room for all colours’ (2002) - surrounded by a wall oflight, transfixed by a smooth transition of emotional colours. best viewed up close and personal with the colour wall (as though your entire world was cover in electric blue... morphing into softly softly lavender... then morphing again into sunny golden yellow etc etc
- ‘The structural evolution project’ (2004) - make your dream objects come true in white legoland
- the yellow room - "am i totally colour blind?" peer out to the exit and find everything outside in a tinge of purple

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