Thursday, 30 July 2009

How to assemble invitations

Dear Mamee,

I know you have received the "parcel"!
Here is how to assemble the invitations.
Please write out names on each side - Chinese side and English side - before assembly. Please write out carefully as there are only 35!

Take out the different zip lock bag pouches from the parcel - you should have infront of you:
-sample invitation already assembled x1
-Chinese papercut invitations x35 including sample one i have assembled
-brown DL envelopes x40
-information leaflets at least x35
-red robbin loops at least x35

i made the ribbon loops, each loop is held by fabric glue & should fit tightly around invitation & leaflet...

put invitation with chinese papercut side up on top of one information leaflet...
it will be easier for the ribbon loop to go in if you "concave" the sides of the paper up like this...

make sure the "glued side" of the ribbon is facing the back, not right on the chinese papercut surface...
slide the ribbon loop in the middle...

then flatten the paper... it would be much harder to move the ribbon loop once the paper is flat, so make sure the ribbon is in the middle before letting the concave sides of the paper go...

put invitation in brown envelope...

seal and done!

one more thing! please don't get papercut wet - the red colour will "bleed"!

Thank you!

Cheers, :)

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