Friday, 15 May 2009

my custom made wedding shoes @ BBN

ever since my gem of a find - vintage kimono fabric pieces, at $2-3 a piece - at beehive gallery newtown
i have been brainstorming ideas to make good use of the fabric...

the first idea actually came b4 my wedding clutch handbag...
just b4 my trip to hk, i thought, "wouldn't it be nice to have custom made shoes for my special day!"
after much surfing online, eavesdropping into forums, i found out most custom made shoes to be on the "dear" side - HKD$2000-3000 (but we are talking about leather inner and sole and all...)
in oz, the $ was astronomical - AUD$1000+
but later, after much reading, esp obscure travelogues and travel reviews, i found out there were a few places in causewaybay, happy valley etc that did custom made shoes for less... (orders sent to be made in china i guess)
a website (no longer exists) on the hip / trendy "gough street" in central mentioned the shoe shop BBN

i sent them an email enquiry, i rang them, i actaully went to the shop on my holiday! i had to be persistent - to get the result!
my initial inspiration was from my well loved bargain "top shop" buy - my 10 pounds 50s/60s inspire patent low pumps...
i love the lowish v shape toe cut and the small sturdy heels

trying to visualise the mis-match patterns on each shoe, "it should work!"
in the end after numerous phone calls, trips to the shop b4 i leave, and phone calls even after i came back to oz, my shoes were ready after about a month...
i parted with a piece of my vintage kimono fabric (the one on the left)
the fabric had to be sent to the factory in china to be inspected - whether it would fit the "mould" / "template"... and it did! and they could proceed!
mum helped me to pick it up from the shop and brought it over to oz on her holiday (thanks mum)...
i was thrilled when i saw them i loved them!

the shape of the shoes were not "extactly" as my "topshop shoes"... but not bad...

they came in a special bag...
the different flower details at the front was what i wanted! and good that the shoemaker put the "accent" purple flower on the outer side of the right shoe!

the raw seam edge was good detailing (and a good surprise!)

cloth heel! good detailing again!

just couldn't stop looking at it!

"beau bien" tag...

now i just want to have another pair in another nice vintage fabric (yet to be found)!
and the cost? approx HKD $450! better than buying ready made shoes in DJs or myers!

thank you BBN! thank you shoemaker!

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