Wednesday, 28 January 2009

nin nin yau yue - homemade coconut fish nian gao

happy new year!
nin nin yau yue - a year of plenty...

nian gao is delish and not too hard to make... just alot of steaming... and steam.. and heat...

why spend $10+ on a fancy looking but hard as rock nian gao when one can whip one up at home for peanuts?!
8 easy steps to coconut fish nian gao
1)180g white sugar + 150 mL water -> bring to boil until sugar dissolves and let cool
2)200g glutinous rice flour + 100g wheat flour (tung mein) + 25g rice flour -> seive

3)all flour together -> stir in 400mL coconut milk let it rest until no lumps
4)stir cool sugar solution into flour mix -> stir in 1 tbsp oil (no lumps)
5)take 1/3 cup of above mixture and mix with orange food colouring
6)grease plastic fish mould -> dot with orange mix -> steam over high heat 3 min
7)orange mix semi set -> top up fish mould with white mix -> steam for 1 hour
8)invert coconut nian gao out of mould -> let cool and YUM!
and there was enough batter / mix for 2 extra mini nian gaos too! it does help if one has a plastic fish mould though (i got mine from shanghai st HK - best place for kitchen gadgets)

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