Monday, 8 September 2008

time for mooncakes again

unlike last year, i've learnt to start the mooncake making process early...
1 1/2 months ago, i started salting eggs in brine (not in salt and ziplock bag this time)...
and out of 18 eggs, i got 14 good yolks (that was 18 minus 3 bad ones that went off and one testing egg a month in)
the yolks were golden and rock solid

there was also streamlining of the filling materials into 3 simple types instead of 5 last year...
this year's red bean green tea snow skin mooncake

and the vanilla green bean snow skin mooncake

i stuffed up the traditional mooncake skin big time, so this became lotus paste skin mung bean mooncake

i still made some traditional skin lotus paste mooncakes each with homemade single salted yolk embedded...

and the result this year: approx 20 mungbean / red bean snowskin mooncakes + approx 20 traditional mooncakes with lotus paste and yolk + lots of stress (due to failed traditional skins / 1st batch snowskins)
but overall verdict: good 2nd batch snowskin result, great fillings - lotus paste, mungbean paste, redbean paste
time spent in making mooncakes: the equivalent of 2 full days
money spent on ingredients: approx $35-40
- eggs approx $10
- lotus seeds $6.50
- olive oil $7.00
- red bean / mung bean $6.00
- flour / sugar / others under $10
excellent value should labour cost not taken into account... i saw mooncake onsale for an av $7.50 each (the reputable ones like kee-wah), the really cheap ones approx $5 (unknown brand name, with questionable sources of ingredients)... so to yield 40 cakes with $40 = $1 each! bargain!

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