Thursday, 24 April 2008

lovely pressure cooker cake

with my recent acquisition of this electric pressure cooker - primada - my cooking life has been transformed... not only am i able to devise more warming and nourishing dishes and soups with less time - not to mention without constantly guarding the naked flame... i am also able to whip up a cake under 10 min...

this gem was lugged all the way from hk by mum (thanks mum) after a high recommendation by a workmate...

back to the cake... easy peesy primada cake recipe:
5 large eggs or 6 small ones
100g melted butter (could be salted)
100g castor sugar
100g self raising flour
tsp or 2 vanilla extract

beat egg whites until peaks, then in separate bowl mix yolks, butter and sugar, add vanilla extract
fold in egg whites, then fold in flour
grease inner primada cooker with melted butter, pour batter in, shake to even
press "cook rice / cake" button
(approx 10 min later) ease sides of cake, invert cake, let cool, dust with icing sugar & decorate and EAT! YUM!

the cake is moist but millard reaction still happening around the rim... so it tastes like it is baked with a bain marie

the bottom of the cake may be hard to dislodge from the primada pan, so use a spatula to ease it first... any scruffy bits could be dusted over with icing sugar...

and beautified with a fanned strawberry... lovely! just like a bought cake...

tasted like (a bought cake, not any cheap old one, but a $20+ worth one) one too! YUM! what a bargain!


paul said...

I have the same pressure cooker as yours. We also bought it in hongkong.
My problem is i don't know how to use it. I lost my manual and video. can you help me.

hippo said...

hello paul,

have a look at and go to "useful information link"... there you can find recipes for pressure cooker (the same ones you get inside the original manual)
cooking things with this cooker = v easy
1)just put in the food (eg whole chicken or stewing meat) 2)make sure there is liquid inside pot (does not have to cover the meat entirely... eg plain water or chicken stock or liquid with other seasoning/ vegies for a stew 3)press the button corresponding to what you have put in (there is the rice/ congee button, meat/chicken button, pulses/ tendon button etc) 4)make sure the air vent on the lid is "closed", the cooker will start heating up the liquid until desired pressure is reached inside pot then the display will show "P15" or "15P" for example (that mean the pot will hold the pressure for 15 mins 6)when it beeps, the food is done, the pressure is no longer held and you have to wait for the pot to cool in order to open the lid 7)another option is to put wet towel over iar vent on lid and very very slowly release the boiling hot steam 8)enjoy eating the cooked stew / chicken / soup / congee etc very yummy and very fast cooking

Goo said...


Thank you for sharing! I also own a PC-6100 that my mother brought back from HK without the manual and CD. Do you know how to use the other buttons/options eg. Free menu, Preset Timer, Cooking Timer? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!


Laura, Vicky & Andrew said...

Hi. I have to same problem as paul. I visited the website but the english link doesn't work. My main concern is how to program the timer. I love to each rice porridge when I wake up in the morning. Could you help me? Vicky

hippo said...

Hello Goo, Laura, Vicky & Andrew, to answer all your questions, please look at
The PEPC is my most useful kitchen gadget! Hope it helps you cook too.