Thursday, 24 January 2008

bjork strikes (the note) again!

after the drought of 15 years without hearing bjork live (last in hk 1993)... there was great anticipation for 23th jan! first there was the loss of not being able to get a ticket on its first release (was on the phone and internet for 3 hours)... then came the delight of being able to get
a ticket on its second release... and finally the day came for the was earned not without
prolonged periods of waiting (one hour queue to get in even though a ticket was at hand) and physically demanding seating on the opera house forecourt steps (for 3 1/2 hours)...

and to my relief - all was worth waiting for!!

most of my fave songs got thier airing:

  • desired constellation - what hi tech gadget was that beats-control-board-thingy?! <-- i searched and searched and finally found out it was a new electronic instrument "REACTable" - see it on youtube! v cool!

  • unravel - tears in my eyes...

  • army of me - the start of energy and beats in the concert

  • all time favourite - HYPERBALLAD - wow!!!she invited us to sing along!

  • all time favourite - COVER ME!! - i was speechless with this mesmirising version, involving only bjork and the dud on the synth - was he improvising or what?! totally speechless against the juxtaposition of a clear ice-pick voice and mingling dischords from the synth

  • pluto - more concert explosions!

  • oceania - even though i didn't really warm to this tune in the past, the salsa sounding jazzed up version made one uncontrollably sway one's hips

  • declare independence - "higher, higher!" "higher, higher!" what a finale! and she gave us a little talk as an prelude! much better live than on the CD...heads bopping up and down, fireworks, confetti, sparkles, explosive lighting!!! that really sumed up the vibe for the whole show

** the security was really tight, bag checks and confiscating cameras**

bjork outside the opera house was way better than tori inside the opera house!

bjork, when will you be back again?? better start lining up for tix now...

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