Tuesday, 13 February 2007

din din terrorist

i was proud to have dished up a gourmet meal (yet again) by recycling my yummy tomato spicy lamb shanks from the weekend. the story began with my full pot of slow cooked lamb shanks with lentils. its second reincarnation was "lamb shanks stew accompanied by a composite of boulghul (bulgar wheat)/rice/shallots". it was thick, rustic and fatty... but the nutty fine bulgar wheat crisscrossing the underlying body of rice gave the whole dish an edge... of course the grassy ev olive oil helped too - but a v heavy meal indeed...

anyway... into its third reincarnation today - as our dindin - "thin spaghetti with lamb shreds in tomato & lentil sauce"... this was definitely the most delish of them all... the deboned lamb shanks shredded and suspended into a light tomato & lentil sauce... when combined (not drowning it) with hot the pasta and snippets of fresh parsley it was perfection!! ***see top picture - sorry about the plating*** - until it was terrorised by an assault of sweet chilli sauce AND japanese mayo!!! total devastation!!! ***see second pic with white worms of mayo and splatter of chilli sauce***

who was the food terrorist you ask? lipowhale of course!! mcduck and i have seen much of her previous terrorist attacks... but honestly - this time we were speechless... lipoW has not even put the victim (din din) to the taste test b4 the assault!

***i failed to mentioned the most most delish by product of the shanks - the bony shanks themselves - sucking out the juicy bony marrow afterwards and chewing the gelatinous tendons / joints - also speechless...

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snowflake said...

Everything taste better with japanese mayo and sweet chilli sauce!